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Volume 7 Chapter 2 done!

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Volume 7, Chapter 2 Progress: 100%! (Last Updated 3/20/15)

Volume 7 Chapter 2 done!

This marks the halfway point for Volume 7. Enjoy!

Christmas Updates~~

The first three sections of Volume 7 are up! Ayase goodness, mmm. Also, the color illustrations are posted for vol 7. Have a great Oreimo Christmas!

Oreimo Christmas

Volume 7, Chapter 1 done!


Volume 6 PDF and ePub are Avaiable

Hi everyone, thanks for waiting! The PDF and ePub of Oreimo 6 are now finally avaiable for download! Enjoy!


Volume 6 done!

At long last, I’m pleased to present to you the entirety of Oreimo Volume 6! As well as a small snippet of what’s to come in Volume 7. Enjoy everyone!

I’m back (finally)

Managing a translation group is hard.

But here’s a small oreimo update to at least prove that I’m back.

Back in action

Hey all,

The school term is done, my experiment is over (it went pretty well), so I am now back on a regular translation schedule. Yay!

However, those of you who have been following our group’s news might know that priorities have temporarily shifted a bit for me in terms of translation work. Before I get back to my three projects proper, I am going to be focusing solely on finishing the translation of Volume 1 of OreGaIru (). Our old translator is unfortunately no longer with our group, and although we already have a new translator waiting to pick up the project from Volume 2, we have to finish Volume 1 first. So I have taken up the task. In the grand scheme of things, I think ensuring that the OreGaIru project is alive and getting the translation it deserves is worth delaying everything else by a few weeks, and I appreciate your understanding on this matter.

After that volume is done, my plan is to then finish the next chapter of KoreZon, after which I will return to hopefully a fairly regular schedule split between KoreZon, Oreimo, and Sasami-san.

As usual, a huge thanks to all our readers for your support of ND thus far.